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Residency requirement: Home to Hong Kong
Processing cycle: 9-12 months
Status Type: Residence status
Investment type: None

Project Introduction

In 2008, the Hong Kong Government introduced the "Arrangement for Non-local Graduates to stay/return to work in Hong Kong" to allow non-local students (including Mainland students) to apply for employment in Hong Kong after graduating from local tertiary institutions with a bachelor's degree or higher qualification, with a view to attracting non-local graduates to stay and develop in Hong Kong, thereby enhancing the quality of Hong Kong's manpower resources and alleviating manpower demand.

To further attract quality talents and enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness, the Chief Executive proposed in the 2002 Policy Address to relax the limit of stay of the Arrangement from 12 months to 24 months to facilitate non-local graduates to stay/return to work in Hong Kong, and to extend the Arrangement on a trial basis to graduates of local universities located in Mainland cities in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area, so as to attract quality talents nurtured by the institutions This will attract talented people trained by the institutions to work in Hong Kong.

  • No quota and no industry restriction

  • No requirement to have secured employment or established a business in Hong Kong at the time of initial application

  • Spouse and unmarried children under 18 years of age can come to Hong Kong together with a single applicant

  • No restrictions on spouse's employment and children can come to Hong Kong to study

  • Enjoy the same medical, educational and other benefits as local residents

Project Advantages

Application Requirements

  • Non-local students pursuing full-time locally-accredited programmes leading to a bachelor's degree or higher qualification in Hong Kong

1.Free consultation

2. Signature Contract

3. Submit Application

5. Stay and work in Hong Kong / Establishing Business

4. Obtain official approval and entry endorsement

Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If the applicant has been granted an extension of stay in Hong Kong pending the release of his/her results, can he/she take up employment during this period?

A: Non-local fresh graduates who have been granted temporary extension of stay in Hong Kong as students pending the release of their results are not allowed to take up any employment without prior approval from the Immigration Department.

Q: Can I continue to seek employment in Hong Kong after resigning?

A: Non-local graduates admitted to Hong Kong for employment under the Non-local Graduate Employment Arrangement are free to take up and change jobs during their permitted stay without prior approval from the Immigration Department. In other words, the applicant can stay in the HKSAR and seek employment.

Q: Will an extension of stay be granted if the applicant is unemployed at the time of application for extension of stay?

A: At the time of application for extension of stay, non-local graduates/graduates from the Greater Bay Area Campus must be employed in a job that is normally taken up by a degree holder, and the remuneration package must be up to market level.

Applicants who have established or are involved in any business in the HKSAR will be required to produce documentary proof of their business. Applicants, whether fresh or non-fresh graduates, may be rejected if they cannot prove that they will continue to be employed or have established or participated in any business in Hong Kong.



This entry arrangement does not apply to.

Ø Nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, Nepal and Vietnam.

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